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3 years ago

password reset

I have to reinstall TestExecute on my server but it said the license was already being used. I realized that it was installed on my laptop so I uninstalled it and accidently disabled the license. I got a new license but when I try to run a command for TestExecute to run, it asks me to log in to TestExecute with my SmartBear account. I enter my username and password and it tells me Failed to Log In - invalid credentials. I just reset my password. I close TestExecute and try again. Same thing. Why does it not recognize my new password?
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    3 years ago

    UConnAnnMarie - 

    Great I am glad - it is up to you which plugins you would like to enable/disable. 


    If you will be running API tests in your test suites then i would suggest enabling this


    Is there anything else I can help with?




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