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11 months ago

Object Spy doesn't recognize edge browser object download save as

TestComplete doesn't Object Spy on Edge Download dialog, actually I was trying to click on "Save as". Any ideas to click on save as button apart from changing edge settings.
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    11 months ago

    Once you've added the WndClass name to MSAA, you will see in the Object Browser the icons have changed. This indicates that TC is able to identify the controls. 

    The last item in the tree 'Chrome_RenderWidgeHostHWND' should be added to MSAA. Once TC has identified it, expand the control to find the item relating to the download control.

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    11 months ago

    I'm using TC v15.54.3.7 and Edge v116.0.1938.54. 


    On the first appearance, I get the same as you

    If I reopen the dialog again, then I can see all the items.


    I've set up my download to automatically download the file to a specific location, so I never interact with this dialog.