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11 months ago

Not able to auto-login to the self hosted agent when a pipeline is triggered

Hi Community,


I have a pipeline to run regression in the self hosted agent which is launched as an interactive process.

To disconnect from the Agent and for the session to remain active, I've created a batch file to disable the user session and below is how my pipeline looks which is working fine:

But, here the issue is each time I've to manually login to the Agent and then trigger the pipeline for execution. Can we auto-login to the agent without entering the credentials manually by triggering the pipeline?

I was expecting Auto-login feature is designed to match this criteria but not sure how it works.

Actual: I login to Self hosted agent manually each time and then trigger the pipeline.....this is working.

Expected: Trigger the pipeline, User should directly be logged into the agent without manual interaction and rest is same as above

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