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8 years ago

New TestComplete Release

Hey TC community,


We're excited to announce that the latest version of TestComplete is ready and available for download. Here are a few highlights:


  • Custom Zoom & High DPI Support:You no longer have to set your browser zoom setting to 100% for TestComplete to work. With custom zoom and high DPI support, UI tests created with TestComplete 12.3 will run correctly regardless of the zoom level.
  • Revamped Checkpoint Wizard:The checkpoint wizards have been completely overhauled in TestComplete 12.3, so you'll be able to create checkpoints quickly and easily. If needed, you can even combine distinct properties for each checkpoint or perform image verification. Don't worry! All of the checkpoints you created previously will still work.
  • Code Editor Enhancements:New code editor enhancements include automatic outline setting commands, smarter auto-formatting, and a code competition window, among other features.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Support:Run unit tests created with Visual Studio 2017 as part of your TestComplete projects in addition to running TestComplete tests directly from your MSBuild projects.

Discontinued Support: TestComplete 12.3 no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Vista. Custom actions added via script extensions are also no longer supported and will not appear in the recording toolbar



For more information, check out the documentation or watch the "What's new in TestComplete 12.3" video.   


Upgrade to TestComplete 12.3 by logging into your customer portal.


Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


Kirsten Aebersold 

Marketing Specialist, TestComplete


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    Finally, some code editor enhancements! TestComplete has been lacking on this new features. I am hoping this is just a little preview of what is more enhancements to come. 

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    Very cool.  I like some of what I'm seeing, especially the inclusion of script extensions in the cross-browser testing, imagebased testing for desktop and web applications, the code editor improvements, and the JavaScript engine improvements.

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      Hrm... not so happy news... it looks like when y'all updated the wizard for object property checkpoints, you decided to deprecate object checkpoints.  I don't necessarily like this because having a nice "Object Checkpoint" option in the keyword test operations or in recording made capturing, storing, and building an object collection in "Stores" for doing a check a lot more intuitive.  While the same type of check is available by using the "Objects.Compare" via Call Object Method, the "Check" method was much nicer as it gave detail information about everything that was mismatched.


      FYI, you can still get to Object Checkpoints by right clicking in a keyword test, selecting "Insert New Operation", going to the Checkpoints node in the tree and selecting Object Checkpoint.  I assume that, since the item is deprecated, at some point in time this will go away as well.  

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    Best new feature not mentioned:

    - right click on an alias in script to go to that item in the Namemap


    // Right click on "node4" and select Go to Declaration


    Thank you Smartbear!

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    Good to see enhancement Specially in -

    1- Custom Zoom  and

    2- Code Editor enhancement


    Thanks Smart Bear.

  • I use plenty of property checkpoints and often I check the values of properties like contentText, innerText, innerHTML or outerHTML. All these properties have in common, that their values often are longer texts.

    Before this release you could work with these values in larger text areas, at least in my case most often the size of the text area was sufficient to view the whole property value at once.

    With this release the area in which the value is displayed is very tiny, I can only see a small fraction of the property value I want to work with.

    This makes the work with property values like contentText very uncomfortable and mistakes are more likely to occur.


    From my point of view a way to expand the editable display of properties when working with property checkpoints is necessary.