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8 years ago

Meet TestComplete 12.0

Hello Guys,


We have just released TestComplete 12.0.

Refer to this article to learn more information about this product release. Also, you can find ways of how to update to TestComplete 12 there.


Good luck in testing :)

  • Hello,


    Yes, it is possible. You can try TestComplete 12 with TestComplete 11 installed but for a limited time (no more than two months). After that, you will need to make a decision what version to choose.

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    Hi Tanya,


    As I see, our keys for TC12 are not active. If I will activate the key, would it deactivate another key for TC11 ?

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      No, TestComplete 11 and 12 use different keys. However, you would need to deactivate TestComplete 11 licenses manually if you received new keys as an upgrade: the total number of activated licenses must not exceed the total number of purchased ones.

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        Thank you for reply!


        We have several licenses and ONE key to activate all of them. So I can't activate them one-by-one?


        I want to test just one instance of TC12 to see how it works. What if I will not satisfied? How to roll back to TC11?

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    Hi there,


    has the ODT feature been removed from TestComplete 12.0?


    Kind regards,

    Christoph Schambeck