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12 years ago

irrational behaviour of MFC names

He forum,

we will use TestComplete for "GUI testing" a windows application.  

Currently we have problems to access the output of the MFC.

Recording a test within TestComplete and run the test directly after creation leads (mostly)  to a succesfull result. But turn off TestComplete and reopen, reloading the Project and run the test once again often fails.

It seems, that essential container elements may change their name by closing and reopen the Windows application (to be tested). E.g.sometimes the main window is called "form1", sometimes "<application-name>.Form". Therefore child objects (placed within this form) aren't retrieveable by TestComplete.

Perhaps important to know: we are working with two Monitors - the application creates two main forms, one on each screen (but always the same buttons on the same screen).

A possible solution (due we are not programmers) where to use the "click-position" instead of the MFC-names. But we weren't able to switch this.

1. question:

what is the possible reasons for that behaviour?

2. question:

Is there a way for only click-position based test recording within TestComplete?

Thanks in Advance