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15 years ago

Internal Methods and Properties of a .Net Windows Mobile application


I am looking at automating the testing of a windows mobile application developed on the .Net framework (C#).

I am only able to see "Window" objects with TestComplete Methods/Properties(limited)

TestComplete's help states the following:

"Currently, TestComplete cannot work with Windows Mobile applications (such as .NET Compact Framework applications) like it does with Open Applications <> and does not provide access to internal methods and properties of application objects. To automate application objects, use the methods and properties provided by TestComplete."

This limitation will have a negative impact on Return on Investment since the automation solution will be less elegant and far more limited.

Will the ability for TestComplete to work with .Net windows mobile applications using .Net reflection become available? if so, when is this likely?



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  • Hi,

    I cannot tell you for sure when this functionality will appear it TC. I've increased the appropriate suggestion's rating.