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5 years ago

How to setup running testexecute to run from network

I have testcomplete14 on the network and shared the folder

From a VM that has testexecute, i open the pjs file to run the test

when i click on run, i get this error.  

The test log files cannot be created.  Reason: the operation completed successfully.  Continue the execution?

How can i fix this

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    The user under which TestExecute is runnning needs to have read/write access to the folders where the project files are stored.  It sounds like it has read-only access at the moment.

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      I have allowed full access to Everyone and Im the one logged into both machines when running the tests.

      When i manually go to the folder from my VM through file explorer, im able to access the folder and files

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        Robert is correct.

        Check that:

        a) TestExecute is scheduled to run under the same account that you use for verification;

        b) Check that this account has read-write permissions for both file system and share.


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      No, I haven’t been able to. It seems like I gave the right permissions.
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      Thank you.  

      This worked.  appreciate all your help