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2 years ago

how to make a copy of a project suite.

I am trying to create a project template which will be a starting point for new projects.  I copyed the folder and paste it into a new place.  When I open the new copy i am getting errors with The add existing projects paths  which are marked as not found.   How do I make a copy of a entire project suite which contains projects and links to projects.


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    You can clone a Project, but you can't clone a Project Suite.


    Cloning example,



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      Cloning still applies here since you can add the cloned project to a project suite of your choice as seen in the linked documentation:


      By default, the cloned project will be added to the same project suite to which the source project belongs. If you don't want to add the cloned project to the project suite, clear the Add the project to Project_Suite_Name after cloning check box.

  • Thanks for the replies.  I want to created a template that had 4 existing projects in it with Project Suite Variables.  I found I could use the File/Save as/Project Suite option

    and the added existing projects would be in the new one.  


    Project clone is only for one project.  I was trying to retain projects within one project suite.