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8 years ago

How to get the Test Summary Report as an image

Hi All,


I am having a scenario where I need to mail the test summary report after the execution to the stakeholders. Can someone let me know how I can get the Test Summary report provided by TestComplete as an image.


Or Please key in your  suggestions on how I can achieve my scenario.


Thanks in advance.



Karthik K R



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    I'm not sure which report you mean.  Could you post a screenshot?

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      Hi Marsha,


      Please find the image attached to which I am referring as Test Summary Report.



      Karthik K R

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        You could save as a web archive (.mht) a report and add it as a file in a sendmail function. Everything is in the documentation...


        But you will face the problem that with a visualizer (png screenshots) and infos the archive is quite heavy.


        My own .mht could reach 500Mb each.


        Without the vizualizer that's a few Mb and the execution is about ten times faster.


        So : see the doc about sendmail and about saving as the log.


        PS : you could format your mail with HTML to have colors, other fonts, etc...