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9 months ago

How can I verify data in fields on a web page that were entered using a data loop and from Excel

I created a data loop where the test pulls data from my Excel worksheet and enters it in to a application.  The web client will then use a API to pull that data into the Web GUI Interface. How can I then verify the fields in the Web GUI against my excel worksheet that was used to create the data?  I was playing with the table checkpoint but that does not allow me to use my data from the Excel worksheet to verify against what is in the Web Client.  Any ideas or thoughts on how to achieve this verification?  

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    For example, you have a data driven test that reads the contents of an Excel file,

    which populates the appropriate fields to you web app, in no particular order

    To ensure that the data is populated correctly, you will have to read each item (row) from your web app, and then look up this value to see if it exists in your spreadsheet. Using some sort of unique key.

    You might be able to do this during data driven testing, or after, once all data has been populated.

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    Maybe I missed something in your question... but just go through all fields on web page that are subject to get data from Excel file and check if their value corresponds to the one from Excel.


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      The problem is if I have 70 records, each with say 15 columns, how do I loop through each field in the web page and the compare to the field(s) in the DB, especially if the rows in the web page could be in different order.  I had use checkpoints but I do not see a way to read data from an excel worksheet and use that as the checkpoint data to compare.  Sorry if I am making this confusing.  I am not looking to click on each field in each row, for 70 plus records and set a checkpoint.  I would like to be able to read in the data from Excel and then have the tool search the Web page to make sure that data exists in the correct field for the correct row.  I do have a key that I maybe able to use to do the initial search, say a order # and then would want to go to each field in that record and compare to that same record in the web page.  Hopefully that makes sense.

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        Give us an example with 2-3 rows of data and screenshots of your web page with the data loaded and we can try to give you a more specific answer.