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8 months ago

Corrupted Project and Keyword Test variables

Hi has anyone experienced this issue?  Variables values being corrupted into a something that looks like Base 64


Eg Name_local is appearing as  .??B64??.:U2FtIEpvaG5zb24=  


If you Base64 decode  U2FtIEpvaG5zb24= it is "Sam Johnson" which WAS the original value.

This has broken hundreds of tests and critical project variables.  Scripts were not affected.


This has happened since upgrading to or the version before that.


We use github/DevOps so hopefully we can find when this has happened and rollback.


However we neeed it resolving.  I'd warn everyone to be very careful with the latest versions.  We will try and rollback the product as well.


I have used TestComplete for over 10 years and lately within the last couple of years it's become very buggy and lacking support.  We will be looking at other options just incase things do not improve.  We dont care about the cost we just want a stable product.

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  • We have opened ticket 00574549 for this.  We're worried other projects will be impacted.

    The quality of TC releases has become poorer over the last 2-3 years and we want to have a conversation with our account manager to get some feedback from the Product Manager.  We dont want to make further investments if this is now the norm.  Its dissapointing to see, as I've used it for 12 years and its never been as bad as this.  I'd stake my reputation on TC but not now. 

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    let me know if you find a stable alternative.  I'm having the same issue and the lack of Firefox support (it's four versions behind) makes some of my projects useless. 

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    Hello!  This has been happening to our team and I've spent many hours trouble-shooting.

    **It's actually  running keyword tests  in the bad version that seems to munge var values**

    Installing TestComplete appears to fix the bug.

    It will NOT, unfortunately, fix your values.
    Our solution was to

    1.  Install version and 
         *  Open the last good version of the project file in Notepad++ and copy/paste the good values back into your project, OR

         *  If you are using GitHub Desktop (or any git), you can discard the evil changes made to the project files.

    So far, tests are running fine in and var values are intact.

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    Currently i am unable to download 15.56 exe also it is throwing xml error while downloading, rather i can download 15,55 and 15.57, 


    tried in 15.55 without corrupted framework still getting error.


    anyone have having 15.56exe pls share 

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    Cross post from the other thread on this issue;


    TLDR - "On another note some initial testing of v15.57 on my side, it seems the Base64 encoding issue might be gone, or at least I couldn't recreate it like before, but this was only a quick test I had.


    We'll still be treading a bit carefully with the new version, with most testers sticking on v15.55 for now."

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    I sadly agree with you that it has become very buggy...

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    i am also getting same issue variables got corrupted and tried to downgrade version still getting the same error.. Any workarounds pls

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      From what I can tell, downgrading just prevents the corruption from happening any other projects that you open.  I just had to recreate the variables from scratch.  Apparently, support doesn't know what's going on since they just asked for copies of my projects that contain the corruption.  

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    Variables and their values are saved in either .pjs or .mds file, which is most likely corrupted. If you install a previous version, you are still loading the same .pjs or .mds file with the corrupted values.

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      Completely uninstalling and reinstalling an older version of the tool worked for me so...