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5 years ago

clr_bridge System.Threading does not work

Hello,   I have added the CLR Bridge System.Threading and want to call the function ManualResetEvent, but it keeps saying "RuntimeError: The specified object is not callable."   Here is the c...
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    5 years ago

    Hi Dominik,

    I see that you have contacted the Support Team on this issue. Let me quote their reply here:

    Support Team wrote:

    Thank you for reaching out to us. TestComplete adds a special method for .NET class constructors, zctor - see the "Calling Functions From .NET Assemblies" article for more details. Thus, the object should be created like this: 
    EventTestComplete = dotNET.System_Threading.ManualResetEvent.zctor(False)

    Please also note that TestComplete does not support multithreaded scripts, so porting code from PyCharm might not work if it involves multithreading.