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9 years ago

chrome extension is enabled but testcomplete cannot detect it when recording new test.

I updated my TestComplete to version  to 11.31.2420.

Chrome is Version 50.0.2661.87 m (64-bit). 

When I want to record a test , it gives me error that the extension is not installed or disabled.

I removed and installed the Chrome extension again.


On running a previously recorded test it does Waiting for Page(*) and it does not launch the URL in the test, the test fails eventually.

Does this have anything to do with TestComplete version update ?


Please help.



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      I've noticed that the extension in Chrome 50.0.2661.87 doesn't work for me as well.  Chrome 50.0.2661.75 does work.  We'll have to wait until the developers can get the patch out.

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    Hi Guys,


    I have Chrome 50 and TestComplete 11.31 installed on my computer – everything works fine. In addition to this, our QA Team has confirmed that their web tests work fine with the latest browser version.


    Soni, please make sure that SmartBear TestComplete Extension is installed and enabled in Chrome: chrome://extensions/

    Also, check if you have the Web | Chrome Support TestComplete extension enabled (File | Install Extensions…).

    If you have both extensions enabled, I recommend that you contact our Support Team to investigate this issue. You can reach out to them here:


    Joe, please check if you have the extensions enabled as well.

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       Thanks for your reply  Tanya. 

      I have the extension enabled in the Chrome: chrome://extensions/ and I checked the the Web | Chrome Support  is enabled under File/ Install extensions. Please see the following screenshots. Does it look correct ? 


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        SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

        Hi Soni,


        Thanks for sharing screenshots.

        Everything looks great. I recommend that you submit this issue to our TestComplete support Team as some investigation is required here.

        Thanks in advance.