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4 years ago

Checkpoint image rename



I am working on a data loop test, and want to capture all the images with a specific name using variables. How can I do it? 


- user and password (data loop variables)

- login to the system

- capture the home page 

- log out


So i want the picture to be the username, how can I do that? 



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    4 years ago

    Thanks everyone for participating!


    mikileung Please let us know if you managed to solve this using advice from the replies or in any other way.


    If you didn't, I'd suggest raising a support ticket. Thank you! 

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    So if you have logged on as MickeyMouse then you are looking for images on the page that are labeled as MickeyMouse?


    It will be something like this except you are looking for the label instead of the image name.


    Use the variable with the login name to build a string that is the label name and then search for that.


    Try it and let us know what you get and we can help in more detail.

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      I am not looking for searching an image. once the user logs into the system, I would like to capture that home page. Since I am testing over 50 users, I would like to rename all the images with the username which are variables from an excel. 




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        Can you provide more details/code/screenshots/examples as I barely understand what you are looking for?