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4 years ago

Buttons click NOT working in Chrome

Hi Team,


My script was working fine with IE and Chrome, all of sudden Button clicks are NOT working in Chrome.


In IE it is working fine.



  • Found it was because of extended monitor having different screen resolution from laptop monitor.

    Also this issue (missing to click the button) happens only in chrome browser

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    What version of Chrome are you using and what version of TestComplete are you using?  Did you just update either one of them?

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      Hi -

      Below are the requested details

      Chrome version is 90.0.4430.93

      Test Complete version 14.10.1042.7 x64

      OS windows 10 


      No i didn't update,


      above command was working in IE and chrome, suddenly it is not working now with chrome, the only difference i am sure about is network (office and home) in home network it is not working.