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3 years ago

Basic Authentication with Cross-browser tests

Hi all,


I'm implementing some cross-browser tests by using Test Complete integrated with Selenium Grid.

The site has got basic authentication, so the login form appears when opening the remote web page.


Without cross-browser tests I had no issues, by using the Login object supplied by Test Complete, but now I'm encountering the fact that the Login object is not supported for cross-browser tests.


As suggested by the documentation ( ) I've tried to send the required credentials as part of the target web page URL, but unfortunately the site is security-protected for this type of url and it returns me the "Request cannot be constructed from a URL that includes credentials" error.


I've searched and tried other solutions from the Selenium point of view, but I've not found anything that solve the issue till now or I had been not able to apply some suggested code found on the web.


Do you have any suggestion of an alternative to be applied to interact with the login form for cross-platform tests?


Thanks and regards,