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3 years ago

.gitignore Project Variables

I am working with a team of three, and each of us uses our own credentials to launch the SSO application. Soon, we will be contributing to the project using a GitHub repo. I know that files such as the logs are not included when pushing code to the repo.


Is it possible to implement a similar solution for specific project variables, so that we don't have to update the username and password values every time we pull/push code?


Thank you.

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    Did you have a fix on this issue? Challenging a relative issue yet no response from anyone and couldn't see this point taking a gander at in google.


  • I got a response, not necessarily a solution but I think it useful information nonetheless. 


    1. Project variables are stored in mds files
    2. Project Suite Variables are stored in pjs files.


    These files are needed to run tests and to work with projects, so we should not include these type of files in "ignore" config files.


    As a workaround to my issue, most likely we will end up creating a test user common for all scenarios to avoid updating the credentials with every new code update.