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5 years ago

securityScheme error

I'm trying to configure bearer authentication in an OpenAPI object using YAML in a Spring Boot app. Here is my YAML:

type: http
scheme: bearer
- bearerAuth: []

 But on application start-up, I get the following:

Failed to bind properties under 'openapi.config.components.securityschemes.bearerauth' to

Reason: Configuration property name '$ref' is not valid


Update your application's configuration


Any idea what my error is? Adding a name property to the above does not solve it.

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  • Hello pherold0923 ,


    can you please clarify if this is a question for a swagger tools or just related to spring boot?

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      That's a fair question. I only mention Spring Boot because I'm trying to configure OpenAPI using yaml property files that are part of SB framework support. Much of this is working just fine. SecurityScheme however is not. I've been able to accomplish what I want through @SecurityScheme annotation in my controller classes. It's not as clean, but workable.