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3 years ago

Should be an absolute uri

I get the error 

"should be an absolute uri"


in the YAML produced.


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    Hi prathamat,

    What part of your YAML causes this error? Can you post or attach your YAML here?

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        SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

        This error means that the authorizationUrl cannot be an empty string. It must specify the authorization URL of the OAuth 2.0 identity provider used by the API.


        Other errors ("declared path parameter <..> needs to be defined ...") mean that endpoints that have path parameters must also define them in the parameters section, like so:


                - in: path
                  name: document_id
                  required: true
                  type: integer      # or 'string' or whatever the type is
                # Other parameters
                - ...


        Note that path parameters must have required: true because they are always required.