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5 years ago

Integration between Hub and Inspector


For most this probably will be easy question but I'm new guy here.

Is it possible to test and save request example (couple of them) to documentation on SwaggerHub of an API that is all ready existent (documentation and API itself). Then update documentation for these endpoints with response examples?


Thank You in advance

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    Firstly welcome to the community!

    Can you provide a worked example of what you are trying to do please?


    From the title I assume you are trying to use inspector to quickly get a swagger/oas def from an existing API.


    SmartBear have done a great intro using one of my favourite auth free APIs - (Startwars API)


    If you make calls to the API with inspector and have a swaggerhub account you can push your URIs and responses over to give you a leg up to documenting the API.


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      I have an existing  API.

      I have have documented it on Swagger Hub.

      Now I want to generate documentation for an end user.

      That documentation MUST have examples of responses (e.g.: depending on success or fail of an API call, response will be different, an so on...).


      So I would like to use existing documentation from Swagger Hub, that has URI in it, to call an API endpoints, get a responses and generate final, full documentation, using Swagger Hub.