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7 years ago

SoapUI in a CI,CD pipeline environment


We all know how critical it is to have Continuous Integration(CI), Continuous Delivery(CD) approaches in today's agile world of software development process and deliveries.

Has any one experienced in using either SoapUI/ Ready API  tools for testing service layer of your software or the API endpoints in this CI/CD pipeline approach ?


By CI/CD pipeline I meant the following:

  1. Developer commits the code in to the src repo
  2. The Dev commit triggers making a new build with the latest changes
  3. The build gets deployed to a test environment
  4. Now I want my SoapUI/ Ready API test suites to get triggered and test the apis
  5. All these has to be an automated ones.

What I am experienced in using SoapUI:

  1. I have designed my api end points tests with SoapUI free version and made test suites out of it
  2. I have a Jenkins server running ( which is completely in isolation to the dev CI too which is Bamboo and runs in amazon elastic agents )
  3. In this Jenkins , I have job dedicated for testing APIs, where  I use SoapUI maven plugin to which I pass the test suite designed in SoapUI.
  4. Maven runs the SoapUI tests 
  5. The SoapUI controller need to be installed in the machine where this test is happening.So it works very well.
  6. This works ok for scheduling the tests and manually triggering the test etc from Jenkins.


But I am looking for options to make these tests as part of CI pipeline, especially

  1. When my CI process is happening with amazone elastic agents ( with Bamboo CI Tool )
  2. Does it will have capability to run SoapUI tests ? We need to have SoapUI controller to be available in any machine where the tests are happening... 
  3. Has any one come across this ?
  4. Is there any easy way for this with the paid version of SoapUI, Ready api ?


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  • Hello,


    SoapUI has command line parameters that will allow you to run test outside of the Soapui tool and without having to use the maven plugin. The commandline parameters will allow you to do things like select Projects/testsuite/testcase to execute and the pro version has some extra features to export reports, run specific tests that are tagged, use same tests in different environments. Please take a look at the list of things that you can apply from the commandline so that you can drive the tests from your CI tools (bamboo,jenkins, etc) More information about the commandline parameters are available here: (this is for the pro version, some parameters may not apply for OS)

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      Hello TSanchez_1


      Thank you for the response.

      I would assume CommnadLine option works exactly in similar way as the maven plugin, and you would need to have the SoapUI controller installed on the machine where the test is running 

      Basically the SoapUI or ReadyAPI controller would the one who executing all the tests ?


      The problem with my eco system is , the CI and CD is happening with bamboo and everything happens on cloud machine (amazone elastic agents) where we are not sure of we can have SoapUI controller capability.... I think in that case it is going to be difficult.... If the CI and CD is happening in machines which if we have control over, this would be much easier I guess and I could run tests either with CommandLine or Maven ..and not necessarily with SoapUI GUI tool itself...


      Am looking If any one has come across a similar situation


      Thanks & Warm Regards