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8 years ago

Removing brackets [ ] from excel when added from soapui response using Groovy..



Can someone please help!. I want to remove the brackets [ text] and just leave text when reading soapui response.  My intended code in Groovy:


//read response from xml

def  resholder  = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder(reqOperationName+"#Response")

    resTagValue1 = resholder.getNodeValues("//*:Isrn")


//write response value in xls

 Label resTagValue1 new Label(2, Row, resTagValue1.toString());




When the value of resTagValue1 written into .xls, it showing as: [text] or [12344]. I would like them to be showing as: text or 12344


Any suggestions on how the brackets [  ] can be removed?.


Thanks in advanced..