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2 years ago

Ordering of Resources and Requests


I've noticed that autmatically sorting projects and services alphabetically is possible, this works fine. However, there is also the option to sort requests alphabetically, and this does not seem to work:


Or does this option mean some other kind of request? Also, it puzzles me that it's still not possible to change the order of resources and request by dragging the item in the list (at least it's not working for me). This is a really weird decision, as now resources or requests that are added later just gets added to the end, which makes it difficult to group similar resources and requests.

The basic tree component seems to support re-ordering, however, it's disabled.


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    I think it could be better idea to gather request under testcases in testsuites. That way you have much more control of test flows and can also include other maybe relevant test steps like Groovy scripts and property tables etc what is needed for given case.

    Also being under test suites allow having assertions that can be used to verify that responses behave in correct manner.

    In general calling services through interfaces offers very limited functionality.

    I think it could be possible to implement groovy script that does sorting of requests if UI does not provide an option for that.