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8 years ago

Import different WSDL's having same port name into one project



our project use several WSDL's for providing different services. Some of them use the port type name, but with different opertion names.

From the W3C specification for a WSDL, the port type name must be only unique within the enclosing WSDL.


If I import the first WSDL (using add WSDL) into a SOAP project, everything works find. If I now want to second WSDL (where the port name is the same as from the first wsdl), i get a promt:

Interface [....] already exists in project, update instead?

If i press "yes", the previous service get overridden. If i press "no", nothing happens (similar to pressing "cancel")

Is this a known limitation of Soapui?


From my understanding it would be much better if "no" create the service and just append a "_2" or something to the interface name.



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    Do you want it to do something else other than the given two options?

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    Currently 3 options are provided:

    Yes -> Make sense for me, so soapui will do the update

    No -> a little bit confusing naming

    Cancel -> Make sense for me, simple abort the current operation


    Instead of "No" my proposal to have a good usability --> split "no" into two options:

    Skip -> Same as the current no will skip the import of this interface

    Rename -> Will import it with a different service name


    Or another option:

    After parsing / loading the WSDL display a dialog which services where found: Provide to option to deselect the import of a service and/or renaming option.


    The current workaround for me:

    Before importing, rename the service name of the conflicting service to something different.