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7 years ago

"Get Data" do not working any more in my project how can i fix it ? with SOAP Open source


I did update  definition , then when I did Get Data in order to have Custom properties and Global properties, nothing happened, it does not work any more

How can fix it

Thank in advance for your answer

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      No in Free version doing right and parametrise data by doing "get data" is working. It is work for my collegue.
      And It is working in my home computer but not at work
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      No ;"Get Data" by doing right click then "Get Data" in order to parametrize variable is working in  SOAPUI Free version.

      It is working on my home computer and also on my collegue computer.

      I am working for Bank, so I do not have admin privelege on my computer(cannot write anything on my local c drive), Technical support install  SOAPUI free version for me, then I noticed that doing Get Data does not working that's why  I am seeking how to fix it



      Herve Gnango

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        Have you earlier used SoapUI Pro trial version?