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8 years ago

extracting a string starting from a known value

i have a string like below in my response.     I have already setup property tra...
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    8 years ago

    The URI class ( can also be a more Java API centric option:


    def uri =  new URI('') uri.path uri.query uri.path+"?"+uri.query


    Tue Nov 22 10:16:16 GMT 2016:INFO:/dbname/dbname_WebUI/views/home/knownpage.aspx
    Tue Nov 22 10:16:16 GMT 2016:INFO:uniquecode=coNews&area=home&view=coNews
    Tue Nov 22 10:16:16 GMT 2016:INFO:/dbname/dbname_WebUI/views/home/knownpage.aspx?uniquecode=coNews&area=home&view=coNews