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8 years ago

error loading wsdl

I get an error when loading WSDL (see attached WSDL) in SoapUI 5.2.1 but in older versions it works fine (4.5.1 NB).


This is the error I get in newer versions: 


Error loading [http://release20/ahshist_ws/static_data_v6.asmx?WSDL]: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: does not close tag


I have checked the WSDL online ( and no errors..


I have searched Google and disabled proxy (none) but no success.. Any ideas?


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    I have downloaded and imported your WSDL into 5.2.1 without any issues.


    Does the error happen if you save the WSDL to the disk and import from disk? Or does it happen only if you import the WSDL via HTTP? I assume some networking issues may interfere.



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      Thanks for your help!

      It works for me as well if I load the WSDL from disk.

      The issue only occurs when I try to load it from a server: http://release20/ahshist_ws/static_data_v6.asmx?WSDL for example.

      What bothers me is that it works in older versions of SoapUI, using the server address.

      If it is network related, would it not be a problem in the old version as well?




      KR Daniel

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        I realise I'm a little bit late to the game, but just wanted to let you know about what I discovered with SoapUI NG 1.7 when I experienced the same symptoms of WSDL failing over HTTP but working from file on disk. It might give you some clues to look at in the Open Source version (unsure exactly what is shared across the two products).


        I found that the add/update WSDL over HTTP functionality always assumes that the HTTP response is a 200 OK, and processes the response expecting it as a WSDL document regardless. Thus if for whatever reason the HTTP response is something else, e.g. "401 Unauthorized" it still tries to process the response as a WSDL doc, and thus raising unexpected errors (raised as SmartBear defect number SOAP-5946).


        As a side note, in my case due to this bug in Java, SoapUI was assuming the wsdl in question was at an external address and tried to use our web proxy, resulting in "407 Proxy Authentication Required", I worked around this by turning the SoapUI proxy functionality off as all of our use is internal.