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6 years ago

Automating Tests with Commuinity Version

Hi All,


I have the communnity version of SOAPUI Currently and its perfect for firing off all manner of single tests.  But where I want to test when there are 1 or more dependencies I'd like to automate the them and then it seems to get fiddly!



Get authentication token

Use token in getRecord()

use results of get record in .....


when I tried to dig through examples and build it in my version, it seemed there is a whole lot of steps to create an automated flow.


Does the the pro version make things more streamlined ?


If I'm missing something very obvious in the community version is there a good guide for test automation for the community version please?






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  • Pro does make things easier - more bells and whistles

    But you can still Groovy Automation easily.


    Problem I noticied when using JSON or REST or JDBC or HTTP - I forget if in the Free Version you don't get much "Right Click > Get Data" options?  But if you know the Syntax - (or By getting a free month try of Pro - and learn it from Get Data options)...


    Between TestSteps - I either would Get whatever value you want (save it to a Propery or use directly in the Tag).

    Then using IF statements in a groovy script... helps make it more dynamic.


    Hope I wasn't beeing too basic in my answer





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    Thanks for the response. 


    I was just flailing around and created some test steps.  The get data is a pain,  I'm not much of an XPATH/XQUERY expert (which is to say I can read it but not write it from scratch).  the screenie below is what the test look like just now and its partly working,  it just seemed a lot for what I thought ought to be easier.  Building tests would take almost as much time as the code,  I know testing takes time,  just thought it was more in running and checking results that building the tests themselves?  Please all you full time tester - don't shoot me :)


    I did read about a groovy test but don't see how to do that. 


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      Welcome to the club.  You’re where i am.  It takes a lot of reverse engineering to learn code when it’s not your trade.  


      As you learn in soapui it is and can be very messy very messy with all these steps and transfers.


      if you’re using groovy step as a simple title - don’t waste your time.  Name the testStep and use description inside the testStep if you need to explain.  But rarely do you.


      and if you don’t need to use property transfer - don’t unless you need to see what data was collected in a single source.  Use the context path to feed the request (get data)

      The value is in the response.  But I’m ocd and still use properties.


      i also use the testCase property instead of the testStep property - another way of cleansing up the testCase.  Or for cross testCase where you need values you can use the testSuite property.


      no one will shoot you lol - we are all learning

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        Thank for the input both so how do I go about doing the tasks I need with just groovy then?


        Just 1 task step and put all the groovy in that ?