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7 years ago

Access token issue on OAuth 2 flow

Hi Everyone




While Testing the rest API (Json) from Swagger site, I have API Key and am using OAuth 2 but I am getting the below Error Message , Can anyone help to resolve this issue as I am new to SoapUI Tool.


The Site Name of this API is, and I have API Key as well.


   "ErrorLevel": "Error",
   "Exceptions": [   {
      "ExceptionType": "ArgumentException",
      "Message": "IDX12709: JWT is not well formed: '[PII is hidden]'.\nThe token needs to be in JWS or JWE Compact Serialization Format. (JWS): 'EncodedHeader.EndcodedPayload.EncodedSignature'. (JWE): 'EncodedProtectedHeader.EncodedEncryptedKey.EncodedInitializationVector.EncodedCiphertext.EncodedAuthenticationTag'."

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