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5 years ago

TestSuite Fails but all test cases are Passed



One of my TestSuite is showing FAILED (over all status in red at TestSuite level) but ALL Test Cases under this TestSuite are getting PASSED. Because of this my Report is shown in RED.

Could you please provide me solution to overcome on this issue ?


  • There is a ReadyAPI feature request to re-run failed Test Cases and/or Test Suites and update their status, but there is no ETA for this yet.

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      Sorry for late response, got stuck in official deleiverables. 

      However, please see steps below -

      1. One of my TestSuite (JCPCustomerLookup) has 7 Test Cases

      2. Run this TestSuite

      3. All Test Cases PASSED except one Test Case 

      4. Failed Test Case re-ran automatically because of attached scripts (Re-ran Scripts) which is written under Teardown scripts at TestSuite level. As result - It is PASSED in 2nd round of execution

      Now, all Test Cases are PASSED under this TestSuite but overall Status is showing in red for TestSuite.

      And It's generated report is showing Failed with one Test Case.


      For details, please see attached.  


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        Have you tried re-run of entire suite instead of just one test case and see if you notice the same result?
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    Hi kansmart123,

    I agree with Rao - we need more information. Could you please describe the issue in detail? What is the expected and current behavior?