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3 years ago

SmartBear Presentation -- 'gRPC Support via ReadyAPI!'?

Hey SarahS / sonya_m / TanyaYatskovska  /mattb 



Apologies guys - I didn't know which SmartBear representative to contact - so I tried all of you!


There was a presentation that I registered for relating to gRPC use within ReadyAPI! - but I missed the presentation (was scheduled for yesterday) and I'm wondering where I can find it to watch.  Could anyone provide me a link to watch the presentation please?  I did register for it - but I can't find anything in my email that would indicate how to watch.....


Apologies - I know this is probably in the wrong board - but I was unsure where else to post this.





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      Hi Sonya,


      Thanks for sharing the webinar link for gRPC Support via ReadyAPI. I have filled the form on the following website for watching the webinar, .  But that has some other webinar in that link in the name of "Best Practices in API Development: Creating API Testing workflows that work" which is not relevant. Are you also facing the same?


      I could not find webinar for "ReadyAPI + gRPC: Enhancing Test Quality Across your Microservices Architecture".  Please let me know where can I check this.