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5 years ago

Save the Date: 2020 API Masterminds Starts on March 2nd

Greetings API testers!


We know that you are obsessed with testing :smileyhappy:! And, we might even know at least one reason why.


From the scientific point of view, accomplishing something releases the ‘feel good’ hormone in our brain – dopamine. It really feels amazing when our tests are successfully finished, scripts work perfectly and, with each test run, a bucket full of bugs is recorded straight to the bug-tracking system (we just love to keep developers busy :smileyhappy:).


We are preparing your brain’s favorite dopamine-infused treat – great tasks to solve during the upcoming event! On March 2nd, we will kick off the API Masterminds online event that will allow you to participate in exciting ReadyAPI discussions, resolve tricky tasks and help others. The most active event participants will be rewarded! Woo-hoo :smileyhappy: We will reveal more information next Monday.


While you are practicing resolving tasks, please share in the comments below why you personally love testing. Perhaps, there is something more to it than just dopamine…




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    Testing ensures Quality for the End user.  Every Tester is an end user for one or other product. 


    Everyone likes a Quality Product !!



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        And also, with API testing we can resolve functional bugs at very earlier stage also we can functionally test the application faster than the UI if Number of Test Cases/Test Scenarios are too much.