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6 years ago

Reusable REST Request approach

can any one help the approach how to handle better ways for Re-usable REST Request (Test Steps) in multiple test cases


I have a scenarios where i need to Re-Use REST Requests in Multiples of test cases as Test Steps


What is the Best approach for this solution on ReadyAPI,


I am using Ready API 2.6v

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    678 - You can try below approach:-

    def tCase = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.testCases["Name of test case"]
    def tStep = tCase.testSteps["test step you want to run"], context)
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      Thanks for your help, avidCoder!

      678, is this what you are looking for?

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      So,i need the place this REST Request steps in one testsuite and need to call from there where ever i required by using Groovy Script step ? 

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        What difference it makes? End up to have groovy step instead of REST step?