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4 years ago

ReadyAPI: how to add custom headers at Project level?



Is there a possibility to put headers on Project level please? So that each testcase in all tessuites pick up these headers?

I've been looking arround on community, but this

doesn't work for me. The headers aren't in the request. Is there any possibility to do this please?


Thanks in advance!

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    Would you please clarify

    - what headers and their respective values needed?

    - what type of test steps that is required? In general, SOAP, HTTP, REST Requests.

    - what is happening when you tried the solution you have pointed?


    In general Events is the way when something needs to be done to all / conditional outgoing or inbound requests or responses.

    Apart from RequestFilter, one can also use SubmitListener.beforeSubmit; but the methods have different inputs. It is possible to achieve though.

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    nmrao thanks for your question and explanation!

    The purpose is actually to put in each of the teststep the same header:

    iv-user: 1111
    iv-group: aaaaa
    accept:  */*




    But I found the solution here:


    Actually, I've forgotten too declare the headers. 

    Missing line:

    def headers = request.requestHeaders


    My bad! ğŸ˜ž 


    Kind regards,


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      Glad to know you found the issue and proceeded.