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6 years ago

ReadyAPI 2.6.0 can't find hermes-config.xml

I've got 2 instances of ReadyAPI.


1 on my local machine, 1 on my Azure devops agent.


The azure devops agent can't read the hermes-config.xml (literally says: "The Hermes config file was not found. Check the specified path"). The exact same config file, in the exact same path does work on my local machine.


On the agent when starting HermesJMS it can open the config file without a problem and I can open the sessions as well.


I'm stumped as to what it can be, for now im using a workaround by using the built-in JMS utility but this doesn't show as much info when running it through Azure Devops.


If anyone has tips what to check I'd love to hear.

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    Did you specify the path to HermesJMS in Preferences > Tools?

    Please check the screenshot:

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      Thanks for the help, Nastya!


      Ixionnyu, did this suggestion help you resolve the issue?

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      This did not fix the problem.


      ReadyAPI has no problem starting HermesJMS. It's only when running it with maven on our azure devops agent that ReadyAPI says the config-file can't be loaded or Hermes not installed correctly.