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2 years ago

Load Test - Monitoring Server

Dear Community

We started to you the Load test function in ReadyAPI. We also wanted to monitor the Server.

Unfortunately I could add the Server, which is my localhost and test the Connection.

I checked in link described prepare steps:

  • Run on windows machine
  • User which execute ReadyAPI is in the administrator group
  • Remote registry service is active

I still getting this error:

I tried in “Host” field also the ip ( of the host). I also tried with hostname like “localhost” and the actual hostname of the machine and it didn’t worked…

can someone help me please.

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  • Dear shantha_mh2021 thx for your reply.

    Unfortunately it didnt work.

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      Sorry about that! Are you replacing port with the defined port while the local host is installed. Because simply connecting localhost is just you are pinging to whic is your machine itself.

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        New Contributor is the localhost and i tried it out. I also replaced the ports with any port. 443 is https.