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6 years ago

How to switch second environments after ran the test in first environment?

Hi, I created the Rest API scripts in the SoapUI pro tool. The default environment was set as "env1" from properties at the project level. Test suites are running smoothly. Now I have connected t...
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    6 years ago

    Hi Olga_T nmrao Radford 

    Thanks for your reply. I got some ideas from your comments and I was able to resolve the issue but in a different way. In SoapUI, I created two Test Suites with a groovy script to set the active environment in Env1 and Env2 respectively.


    In Eclipse, using Java I created two methods- one for env1 & another for env2. I called the first method and ran all test suites one by one using for loop in env1. After that, I called the second method and ran all test suites in the env 2. 

    This is the way, I achieved the solution.