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5 years ago

Disappearing Transaction Log scrollbars

While running a testcase, the transaction log (with 100+ rows) looses scrollbars every now and then making it impossible to go on testing. Cursor keys do not work either. Required to restart ReadyAPI (3.0/3.1). This has been a problem since version 3.0.


  • Thank you nmrao and sdeevers for help!


    Hi poinc, if this issue still persists, it would be a good idea to contact ReadyAPI support

    Downgrading is not always the best choice, due to all the improvements that are regularly included into the new product releases. So, hopefully, the support team will be able to help, and we will avoid the need to downgrade!


    I've gone through support tickets on a similar topic and found out that this issue was solved through installing the Microsoft patch update for one user - so, looking into this might be something worth trying, as well.

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    You may open the log file and see in a preferred text editor.
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      That is unfortunately not an option for me, it would be very time-consuming.


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        I have had the issue with 3.0 and previous versions when going from maximize to restore down and then back to maximize on the app. In order to keep the scroll bar intact, I found setting the compatibility mode on the app to "Override high DPI scaling behavior" seemed to correct the problem, but it may not work for everyone.


        Hope this helps in your case!