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9 years ago

Defect: UI interupts itself when trying to re-order open tabs

In Ready! API 1.4.1, when you have multiple tabs open in the SoapUI NG view, and you try to reorder them, as soon as you've moved the tab one space to the left or right, it stops moving with your mouse, and your mouse gets stuck with the icon that indicates is should be still moving the tab.

You can work around this by clicking the tab once, this will reset the mouse cursor and allow you to then drag the tab again, though it'll repeat this as soon as you move it one tab to the left or right again.


This only affects 1.4.1.  In 1.3.1, reordering the tabs works without issue.


Steps to Reproduce:

1. In SoapNG view, open up 4 or 5 tabs (test steps, test steps, etc)

2. Grab any tab with your mouse and try to drag it to the left or right by several tabs, to rearrange it

     a. Be sure not to move the mouse up or down to bring the tab into a different visible layout, this issue only happens when swtiching the order of the tabs


Expected Result:

As you drag the tab, it follows your mouse moving from tab to tab until you let got of the mouse



As soon as the tab has move over by one tab it stops there, and you have to follow the work around mentioned above

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    9 years ago

    Hi Kbw,


    Our R&D Team has informed me that this issue was fixed in Ready! API 1.5. We are planning to release this product version very soon.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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