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9 years ago

Clear saved history ?

Does anyone know how to clear the saved history associated with the test runs?    I'm running Ready! API 1.4.1 & all the history associated with my tests is s.l.o.w.i.n.g things down, but I can't find where to clear the history.   TIA

  • Hi Mheeke,


    If Ready! API doesn’t have this functionality, I recommend that you submit a product feature improvement here. Our Product Owner regularly monitors this forum and he could consider implementing this feature.

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    I guess the test case history should be saved in H2 database under the Users folder - C:\Users\xxxxx\.readyapi\db with the name readyapi.h2.db. I don't see an explicit option to clear the history in Preferences. I hope this should be a feature request to clear test case history for SoapUI NG when not necessarily needed for testing.


    I hope Smartbear team will give this in near future!




  • I agree ... I searched preferences, couldn't find anything.   Closing a tab that contains results is taking minutes, not seconds, there should be an easy way to clear.