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6 years ago

Cannot open some test suites


I am using ReadyApi 2.7.0 with a SoapUI Pro license. The following occurs in the SoapUI Pro tab.

I have several projects opened and each project contains several test suites. Usually, if I double click one project, it opens a tab listing all the test suites within this project and I can run the test suites from this tab. But for some reasons, this doesn't work anymore for some projects. When I double click on these projects, nothing happens. No error message. Just nothing. The same occurs if I select a particular test suite within this project. I can only open a test case.

On some others projects, it works as it used to (the test sute editor opens)

I believe this started after upgrading to 2.7.0 (not 100% sure of this statement). Any idea of what could cause this issue ?


Edit : the "Error log" tab doesn't show anything.


    If anyone needs it, I found a problem in some of my testSuites and, correcting it, I solved my problem of testSuite selection.


    My testSuites have tags, so do many of my testcases.

    I had a major problem due to not be able selecting testSuites : I couldn't set tags to my new testcases, so I decided to do it programmatically.

    I parse all my testsuites and testcases to check those which didn't have a tag in order to set one programmatically.

    I discovered that some of my testCases had a 'null' tag in their tags list (? I don't know how I managed to do this, maybe by removing a tag at project level ?)


    So I programmatically removed the null tag from the testcases which had it and assigned a new tag the same way.


    After doing this, I can now select my testsuites again. I guess that those spurious 'null' tags were messing up all my testsuites.

    Here is the groovy script I used :

    project = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project
    	suite ->
    	if (suite.getTagIds().size() != 0)
    			testcase ->
    			 tags_list = testcase.getTagIds()
    			 if (tags_list.contains(null))
    			 	// null tag ? remove it

    Hope this helps

    _Oliver_ , you might be interested

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      Hi Radford 


      Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did not mention it but I did check this tab and it is empty. I'm going to add this info in my previous post

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        Hi _Oliver_ ,


        Let me know if you are getting this issue after cloning some assertions or some steps.

        Because i usually i face this issue after cloning assertion from 1 Test Case to other Test Case.


        And one more thing after clicking on Test Suite, check for the error under


        Show Logs -> Ready API logs.