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5 years ago

Assign Endpoint to Interface Requests Query



I was looking at another post by someone (link) and I noticed that I didn't understand something - so I'd appreciate any help.


Within the ReadyAPI! tab the user can select a service, hit the 'endpoints' button on the far right of the screen which has a tabular view of the various endpoints for the service - and it's here you can 'assign' the endpoint to either Test Requests or Interface Requests. 

I've just been reading and playing with the 'Assign' button functionality and I can see how most of the options work - e.g. (All requests with no endpoint, All Test Requests) but I can't see any visible change if I select the 'All Interface Requests' option.  I know what a Test Request is - but I must not be understanding what an Interface Request is.


Does anyone know what an 'Interface Request' is within this context?


I have a single endpoint - see image:

Currently at this point, there is no endpoint selected on the REST test step that is contained within my TestCase.


I select the 'All Interface Requests' option as follows:

But when I select the SoapUI tab and click on the REST test step - the endpoint is still blank - see as follows:



So obviously I'm guessing I don't know what an 'Interface Request' is in this context considering it's not going to mean the same as a 'Test Request' and I've already proved assigning the endpoint to a 'Test Request' populates the endpoint on my REST request test step.


Can anyone tell me what is meant by an Interface Request please?


sorry about the length of the post - I just wanted to make sure I was nice and clear and not confusing (which is something I struggle with!)


Cheers to all!




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      Hey MarcusJ 


      Yeah - I actually found the help page you referenced - but I wasn't finding anything that actually told me what an interface was in regards to this - but you have - so cheers!


      Thanks man,