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7 years ago

Am preparing "Code Quality Guidelines" document for Ready API. Need inputs...

Hi All,   Hope all are good.   Am preparing a guidelines document for Code Quality of Ready API. Can you please provide your inputs...   Regards Abi
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    7 years ago

    Oh - so this is for your team "Users of ReadyAPI" ?


    I normally write to fit both team & business so that it's simple to lead junior testers as well as speak to Business non-technical.


    In that case I always find typing like I'm writing in grammar school lol.  It really does work out kudos.



    Field Population will be dynamic by utilizing "context" expressions that will pull the field value from an external Data Source (i.e. Excel, Oracle...) to test an unlimited amount of test scenarios.  This will eliminate manual maintenance of the API testing, allowing the test to run automated on various test scenarios...


    Here I would put in a picture (see attached)


    The next phase of your document will be to write up Updating Definitions and/or Refactoring - if the WSDL/WADL changes... :catfrustrated:

    Which depending on HOW MUCH is changes can the Refactoring work - otherwise you screwed... and sadly the Refactoring for me has worked minimal. 

    1. Always start off with Updating Definitions.  Usually I only have myself or the test lead to do that and store the project in SVN or Git because it can get messy.

    2.  There are tricks in Notepad++ if Refactoring doesn't work... say if the XPath doesn't match up anymore - you can Find/Replace - - but that's when nothing works from Refactoring.