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12 years ago

psWS and ProjId


I am looking to create a connection with my bespoke test execution machine and QAComplete. I am trying to use TestWebService.exe to check out capabilities but cannot find a value to use for ProjId. Hence, I get the following result :

Test Authentication

Start: 09/05/2013 16:28:03


Authentication data is not valid. Please retry ...

End: 09/05/2013 16:28:07

I have looked throughout QAComplete and checked all fields (including Choose Fields) but cannot find a value to use.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?




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    You can find the project id by following these steps...

    1. click on setup tab

    2. click on projects at the top of the left hand navigation pane

    3. then click on the 'choose fields' option in the menu bar and select ID

    In the resulting list of projects that are displayed you'll find the project ID for each project.

    Hope this helps.