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9 years ago

How to export a test set with the tests into spreadsheet



Is there any chance to export a whole test set that contains tests? Means that I need to review all tests that are linked to a particular set and I need to do this using spreadsheet.


I found only one option is to export a set...but this spreadsheet contains only information aboit the set entity.


Thank you

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    Hi Aleks,


    You can run the "Test Sets Report" report and save it as a spreadsheet. To do it, please go to the Reports tab and click Test Sets Report link under the Ad-hoc Detail section. Choose required fields on the next screen and click "Run Report Now". After that click Save As Spreadsheet link.



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      Under Report. There is only option for "TESTS" and not for "TEST SETS". I wan to export a copy which includes all the test that were ran within the "TEST SETS" and what were the results. I am using "Test" as my library of test cases and "Test Sets" to run it for perticular ticket which was fixed.