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7 years ago

Has anyone gotten the "Agile Task Burndown" dashboard chart to work?

I have all my testing scope set up as agile tasks. I have them linked to release 8.2 / iteration sprint 4. They all have estimated hours on them. I have my Agile Task Burndown set to release 8.2 / iteration sprint 4. However when I look at my Agile Task Burndown chart it just shows my hours remaining as 0 across the graph. Even when entering hours on a task nothing on the chart changes. What am I missing?

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    Hi pgneal3,


    Thank you for your post. You need to post hours for the corresponding Agile Tasks using a special "clock" icon and set the Remaining Hours (or percents of completion). See the attached screenshot. Also, pay attention to the dates. The dashboard shows a period of time from the Actual Start Date for the selected Release till the Actual Finish Date for the Release.