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13 years ago

Feature tuning: Autofill items

Currently I could initialize an item getting values from a "recent entry".


- sometimes the item has been edited long time ago

- sometimes the original folder (or even status) could be important to detect the right item to copy from

It should be better to let user choose the item among all items, maybe thru a box-window as the one used to link items.


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  • Hi Sergio!

    One of the enhancements that is on the list is the ability to create anything from anything else - similar to how you can create a Defect from a Test Case or a Test Case from a Requirement.  When we get this implemented, you will be able to bring up a Defect (or any other record), click on "Add Linked Item" and then auto-create a new Defect from the original. They'll be linked together for reference.

    Hopefully that will help out with your issue.

    Thanks for the input, we appreciate it!
  • Just an update for anyone reading this forum: Our new 2011 Release just went into production this week.

    We now have a new Test Management feature with a Test Library and Test Steps. Test Cases will be retired at some point.

    You are now able to open a Requirement and add a new Test in the new Test Library and have it automatically linked. You can also open a Requirement and add a linked Agile Task, Defect or a linked Requirement. Or you can open a Test in the Test Library and create a new Requirement, Agile Task or Defect and create the automatic links.

    Check out: