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9 months ago

No values for synthetic steps


I have added a synthetic step in my test. But i do not see any load metrics after my test run for those steps.  Everything is 0.00 in the charts. There are no errors in execution. I checked and the run went through all steps as expected.

is there a reason for this?

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    Ensure that your synthetic tests are configured correctly to capture the desired metrics. This includes checking any relevant settings or parameters that control metric collection. If you’re using a monitoring platform like Datadog, make sure that it’s properly integrated with your testing environment and that the synthetic tests are set up to report metrics. Confirm that you’re looking for the correct metric names in your charts. Different platforms may use specific naming conventions for synthetic test metrics.

  • The synthetic steps might not be generating load metrics due to configuration issues, lack of proper instrumentation, problems with data collection, integration issues, or incorrect chart display settings. Double-check these areas to troubleshoot the problem.