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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] How to Over Come this "The variable index is out of range"

Hi ,

i have received "The variable index is out of range" message in report when i executing with more vusers. i have created one variable and assigned SQL view for it. it contents 200 records so i have executed script by taking 200 VUsers (one record per user). Even though it is displayed above message for Few users with warning message. Pls. Let me know how to overcome this problem.

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  • In this case i cannot see any reason for this message. If you have equal number of records in your database you should not see this warning. Are you still using MSSQL table for your variable?

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    I am using SQL Views to get data from Table. pls. provide any solution for it. because i have to generate report with 300 users and show it management. some time it works if we run separately, but if run it with other scenarios then some time it shows warning messages

  • I cannot reproduce this issue with my database variable. Is it possible that your view may return different number or rows then number of virtual users in the test?

  • Hi,

    I have received the same error during the test. I have been using two list variables and the access type is the same "Item index equals virtual user index".

    In fact, When I generate the data for the list from a file, I get all the items, but in the list doesn't reflect this. In the list I just have one item.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Do you have the same situation as described? Can you create a simple project that can illustrate the problem?

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    Hi Dmitry,

    Sometimes it is picking up same value for two or more VUsers even I have select “Item index equals virtual user index”. I have created view to get latest data (records are generated simultaneously using another scenario) and pick that to work on current scenario. But test shows pass. i have execute scenario with 50 Vuser. The execution report says Pass, but If I check this in my build only 40 records are generated instead 50 then again I cross checked each step in report then I came to know that same value is picked for more than one Vuser.

    Pls. let  me know the reason.

    Thank you

  • Hello,


    Unfortunately i dont have an ability to compare results that your view returned to the product. If this amount can be changed during the test it will be a reason for this warning. You can create a simple variable that will select the number of rows from your view and put this value to the request. You can create a new parameter that will be ignored by your web application but will be stored in WebLoadUI results. Can you do this to check the row count during the test?